Friday, September 24, 2010

A THEME for every day of the week!

Many of you bloggers out there understand me when I say,
"What am I going to post today?"
Thousands of ideas start rushing through my head and within a few minutes I
find myself totally confused and overwhelmed.
So what is the solution?
I have decided to have each day a theme.
That way I will not have to think too hard :0}
Now, I will not necessarily be posting everyday, but at least I can narrow down the list a bit.
So this is it!

Monday: Mmmm...Monday - Food and a Recipe
Tuesday: 2x4 Tuesday's LINK PARTY - You can join me! Anything you have created made of wood (I like 2x4's but I am not going to judge you if you use something else!)
Wednesday: Wordie Wednesday - Just words, maybe a few pictures. My thoughts straight to you. Boring? NEVER! I am amazing and I have many thoughts that I know you want to hear.
Thursday: Thursday's at Target - I Loooove Target! Don't you?! So I will make something with Target items. Maybe I'll make it even better!
Friday: Cricut Crop - I love my cricut and today I will make something fabulous with it. Paper, vinyl, fabric...the possibilities are endless!
Saturday: Super Saving Saturday! - Was it on sale? Was it on clearance? Then I will craft that sucker up!
Sunday: Sew What! Sunday - Anything that I sewed!

Pretty simple. Hope it works! Ha!

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  1. Chelsea,
    Sounds like a perfect plan to me...I'm in! :)

    Have a super weekend,


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