Thursday, September 23, 2010

2x4 Tuesday!

Hey all! I am starting my first Link Party!
I wanted to do something different and fun and this is it!

2x4 Tuesday's!
(other size wood is acceptable!)

If you have a project you have made or are in the process of working one, LINK IT!
I love working with wood and I want you to show off your stuff!

BE NICE! Visit other links and post comments to cheer them up!
TWO is the limit. If you have more then wait till next week silly!
Please take my button and put it somewhere on your blog.

Now link it baby!!!!


  1. I don't have a web site. How do I link or add a photo of my projects if I don't have my own blog?

  2. Thanks for the question Anonymous! What you need to do is download your photo to an image hosting website. My favorite is It is free and super easy. After you have downloaded you photos photobucket will give you several options of codes. You want to pick the "directlink" code. Copy and paste that code into the "web address" spot on my party link. You can then select your image from a file on your computer. It sounds hard but it really is super easy. Let me know how it works out and if you need more help! Thanks!


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