Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fabric covered Boxes UPDATED

Another object for my daughter room makeover.
Fabric covered boxes. I don't know if I am actually going to use them to put stuff in or just use them as decorations. We'll see.

This one is covered in felt. I love felt!

This one is covered in pale green fabric with a pick lid. I did a basic ruffle with ribbon to add some detail.

This one is covered in purple with a cute pink rosette.

It started with these boxes I got from my previous work. They were going to be tossed and I thought I could do something with them. They have sat for about a year in the garage waiting for the perfect project. They are about 7 in x 7 in.

I used some of the rooms fabric to cover them. Just a basic present type wrap. I just glued it right on the box.

Cute, cute, and so easy!


  1. So cute! Thanks for the inspiration =)

    Dropping by from Market Yourself Monday

  2. Nice 'n simple, love the results. Perfect for keeping organized, too.

  3. So cute!! I love the flowers!

  4. I have had a box that I knew I would find a purpose for. I will have to do this! Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All!

  5. Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  6. Those handmade flowers are so nice !

  7. what pretty boxes! I like the felt one too! The colors are so very pretty as well. Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!


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