Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lamp Bouquet

This was a project that I was really looking forward to, the outcome that is. Doing it was a not super fun. But I did it, and I am done. And look how cute it is!
I started off with a lamp I got last year at Big Lots! for $7.00. The lamp was in bad shape. It had a pink boa glued to it! Who would do such a It was a bad choice I admit. At the time it seamed like a really good idea. Then I plugged it in a realized the fire hazard. The feathers were everywhere! So I ripped it off and started fresh.
Some ideas just should not be done.

I purchased four colors of felt by the yard.

Cut them into different size squares and then into circles. You can see my tutorial here and here.
Then I started gluing them on with hot glue.
At one point I ran out of hot glue and had to use a different glue. Stressed me out! I am a hot glue girl through and through.
I am almost done!

All done! I really like the different sizes of flowers. Some a huge and some are super tiny.

So cute!

Here it is attached to the lamp base and an my daughters night stand.

She loves it! Can't keep her hands off of it!
Being that she is only three we had a talk about the bulb. I had her touch it so she would learn never to do it again...HOT! We also talked about how she can't just turn it on and off all day. I hope this was not a mistake?!
Oh well, it is cute!


  1. That must have taken cute. I am sure she just loves it. :) Thank you thank you for linking it up!

  2. Your right, it did turn out cute!!

  3. Hi! Found you on the under the table link up and I just love this! Obviously must have taken forever but good work, really cute idea!

  4. Eww, that lamp was horrible before! I LOVE those felt flowers. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

    ~ The Speckled Dog


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