Monday, September 13, 2010

Kitchen Up-Do

What did I do this past weekend? Well, I had a spurt of Kitchen Re-Do fever.
This is my toaster. Sad don't cha' think? We have had it since...forever, 13 years?
I really want to replace it with a sleak red one but I feel wasteful because it is only a toaster and it still works. So I decided to make it pretty, but covering it up!

Simple cover. Nothing fancy. But it is red, and that is one of my kitchen colors.

This is my knife block. Isn't it pretty! Well it wasn't before I painted it. It was a yucky brown. I got this idea from Crafts and Deals. Why not paint it! Now it matches the colors, black and red.

I do need new knives, but now I can wait a bit longer.

I got these glass jars form Savers. I loooove Savers.
Clear glass is going to be the theme in the kitchen.

I got these at Target. They were 20% off and I think they are perfect.
So that was my weekend. My kitchen can't be painted {renting} so this is my little touch. I am not done. I have some baskets that I am going to paint black and red and I think I am going to make a soap dispenser out of a jar. I'll show you if I do!

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