Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mom-A-Go-Go Purse and Pattern (coming soon!)

I have made several purses over the last few months.
Not any one of them was just right for my needs.
I am a mom of three. In my purse I carry many things.
  • wallet
  • phone
  • brushes and clippies (me and my little girls hair)
  • sanitizer (MUST have!)
  • 2 pull ups (she is comment)
  • wet wipes (good for so much more than bums!)
  • lots of receipts (you never know what will need to be returned)
  • snacks (duhh! 3 kids!)
  • camera (memories)
  • makeup clutch

And on occasion, more often than not, I also have:

  • sippy cup
  • water bottle
  • book/magazine

So needless to say, I need a larger than average purse. Yet it can't be so big that I can't throw it over my shoulder. Oh! And speaking of shoulders, the strap must go over my shoulder and STAY! Not so long that it hits my butt and not so short that it sits in my arm pit!

I could not find one that would work. So I made my own pattern. And here it is!

This purse is made out of leftover black corduroy and two fabric quarters. Black corduroy is not the best for taking pictures, but perfect for just about everything else.I used two kinds of lining. I used a light weight iron on interfacing and regular old felt.
It is pleated a lot. This creates a big puffy bottom that can hold lots of stuff.

The inside is open and roomy. The top band it only 12 inches across so that all my stuff doesn't fall out of the bag. I may add a center pocket for my wallet next time. It has a magnetic closure.

Inside there is a pocket with a flap on one side. I may add one to the other side next time.
Here it is with my phone in it, flap open.

Flap closed. Maybe it needs a little Velcro closure?
So there it is. Do you like it? Why am I asking you?! It's my purse after all! Just kidding!
If you would like the pattern then you will have to wait a few days. I am drawing it as we speak and will post in a few days. See you then!


  1. Very Cute, can't wait!

  2. i have the same problem...either the purse is too big or too small- but yours is just right! love it!

  3. The inside of the bag is ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing your “creative mojo” with me on Thrilling Thursday. I hope you will be back again soon :)
    ~Lori S.
    Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions

  4. I love it! The two fabrics you used look great together, I've always liked corduroy. And the pleats you added give it enough femininity to be beautiful but not overly girly. Excellent work, you should be proud of your creative skills!

    Amie @

  5. I love this purse. I love all purses. This one is like a mom's best friend. Great job! Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tell All.

  6. Oh that look great, combines 2 things I love corduroy and pleats!


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