Friday, September 17, 2010

Beaded Watch Band Tutorial Part 1

I learned how to make beaded watch bands about a year ago and I have been obsessed with them ever since. They are so fun to make and soooooo much cheaper than the"name brand" ones. I love them so much that I want to share them with you! I started to do a tutorial and it quickly got out of hand. Way to much info and way to many pictures. So I decided to do a vlog.

So here you go! Let me know what you think.


  1. New follower here stopping by from SassySites Blog Hop today :-) Look forward to getting to know you! Hop on over and check out our blog! We look forward to seeing you!

    Carrie A Groff

  2. You made making the watch band look so simple. Thanks for the video, it was really helpful. I just might have to try it myself!

  3. I love it! The watchband is gorgeous!

  4. I love this! (new follower here) I'm going to try this with my daughter. She loves beading :)


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