Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sew What! Sunday - Clutch Bag and Labels

Today is Sew What! Sunday
Today I made a cute little clutch to go in my new purse I made last week.
I found it at Noodle Head. Super easy and it went pretty fast too.
Do you see that little label? I made it! The Cottage Home did a post on labels and she linked to a post from Patchwork Pottery.
She showed there how to make your very own labels.

With my hand to show you how big it is. This will be perfect for my small items that get lost in the bottom of my purse.

This is one I am in the process of making. Cute!

Love gathers!
Here is how I made my labels. Go to Patchwork Pottery for her tutorial.

I used Avery light T-Shirt Transfer paper. I had it on hand so I was lucky.

Printed out my label on the computer word program. Make sure to Mirror it. You can find that option in your advanced printer settings.

After my test print on regular paper I printed it out on the transfer paper. Then I cut it in strips.

I followed the directions with the transfer paper and ironed it on to a few types of ribbon. I used regular grosgrain and twill.

You can kind of see the shinny transfer on some of the ribbons, but in general I really like it. It adds a cute touch to my stuff and if I ever sell anything I am ready!



  1. Adorable! Make me one!

    (fyi - you spelled "What" "Shat" on accident).

  2. You are just so blasted talented. I love your purse. The pink one looks like it will be cute too. APD

  3. Found your blog through links...If you ever need new recipes come swing by our blog. we also have a great give away going on now.. A free purse of your choice

  4. great ideas! would love for you to link them up at a crafty soiree tomorrow at
    xoxo malia

  5. I featured this post on my Blog on Feature My Favorite Friday come by take a look!! What a Brilliant idea!!!


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