Thursday, August 5, 2010

My First Purse

I made my first purse.
I have been feeling pretty daring lately, with my sewing that is. The last few weeks I have been making skirts for me and my little girl, look here for pics.
Every day I go through my Google Reader (love it!!!) and see what everyone is doing. Lately there have been a lot of super cute bags. I LOVE BAGS! I buy mine though. And because of that I can't get as many as I would like to. It's just to much money!
So why not make my own? I ask.
I started with a super simple pattern I found here. I used left over material from one of my skirts (a sheet). I didn't use heavy fabric or lining. I just wanted to see if I could do it first of all.
Not so bad!
I made my pattern out of paper taped together.

I even added a little pocket!

So here is my conclusion...I am not going to stop here!
As soon as we get payed next week (money is SUPER tight) i am going to get good fabric and liner. Do you have any amazing patterns you would like to share? Tell me about them!

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  1. Check out two cute free patterns here: and and


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