Friday, August 6, 2010

Paper Flower Wall Art

I saw this idea at The Blueberry Monkey.
Super cute and it looked so easy.
I am redoing/finally doing my daughters room and thought this would be perfect for my tight budget.
I did make some changes. The original post made hers a bit more 3D, I did mine flat. I also added two extra rows of flowers and changed up the center.
I started by cutting a 12x12 circle out of cardboard.

Then I cut petals out of scrapbook paper. I cut:
8 large
8 medium
16 small
8 x-small

Sorry, i don't have a picture of this part but you can go to the original post to see how she did it.
What I did was hot glue the large petals down first. Then the medium in between those. Then two rows of the smalls and then a row of the x-small.

I wanted t do a different flower center so I took a 12x12 paper and cut it into as large of a circle as possible. Then I cut a spiral, starting small and getting wider as I went. See my felt tutorial to see what I mean. I left it really loose and hot glues the bottom to keep it together.

First time I have done it with paper, it turned out super cute!

I hot glued it in the center and done!

It looks really cute in my daughters room. This took me only an hour. My only supplies were paper, hot glue and cardboard.

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  1. Wow! I do love the center of this flower art and you did an excellent job of mixing up the prints and colors. Very attractive! Found your blog thru New Friend Fridays. Have a good weekend! Pam @ Sallygoodin


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