Friday, August 13, 2010

Felt Pillow

I decided to make some cute throw pillows for my daughters room makeover. I am in love with felt right now so I decided to use that. I got my felt from Joann's in the fabric section. It comes in yard cuts. I got several colors; white, fuchsia, pink and purple. All the colors that go with her room. The felt was 30% off also. Woohoo!
Now remember, this is the first pillow I have ever made and I am not a sewing diva. It is a little big I think. I may take in the sides a bit so that it looks more fluffy.
I think the flowers turned out pretty cute!

I need to sew circles a little better ;o)
Hope you like! I am going to make another one and I will do a little demo as I go. I will post it next time.

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