Thursday, August 26, 2010

Purse Frenzy!

I am in a Purse/bag frenzy!!
I LOOOOVE purses. I want to buy them all! But I have not money...what to do?
Make my own!
So I checked out several websites and tried to get a FREE pattern for a cute bag.
One of the mostest cutest patterns I found was at Made By Rae. She has a super cute bag, the Buttercup bag.
I made it and it is so cute! I made a few changes to the original pattern. I enlarged it, added an inner pocket with a zipper and lengthened the strap. Here is my version.

I also found a super cute tutorial at La Maison Reid. She made a Burlap bag that is to die for!
This is her bag.

I did not happen to have any burlap laying around but I did have some jean material.
I thought I would give it a try. And here it is.
Not quite the same. I think because of the material it took on a totally different shape. It looked kind of crazy so I made a few changes. I squared out the bottom corners and shortened the top rim. I added a jean rose to mine just like she added a burlap rose to hers. I like it!

So that is it so far. But I am not done! I have several more to make and then I think I will try to make my own pattern and tutorial.
These ladies inspired me! Thank you!


  1. Oh Chelsea, you did a great job on your purse! I love mine and have been using it ever since I made it. I wasn't a purse junkie until recently and see myself making many more in the near future. It's so funny you made a "buttercup" bag...I have just recently seen some on the internet and bookmarked a few thinking I would make one of those soon. I LOVE the fabric you made yours out of. Can't wait to try one.
    Thank you soooooooooo much for showing me what you made!

  2. Love your blog! Your newest Follower from Trendy Treehouse! Can't wait to see more of your crafts and projects!
    Ashley @
    p.s. Saw in your bio that you live in Vegas; I am in Henderson! It's a small world!

  3. Stopping by from New Friend Fridays! I love the first purse...It is so cute and you did a great job.

  4. Super cute!! I hear ya on bags. I sure do love them too. It turned out so cute. Fun fabrics. Thank you for linking it up. Happiness to you today.

  5. I love the purse! I was just thinking that pretty soon I'm going to need a step program to handle my obsessive knitting tendencies. Glad I came across your blog at Creation Corner today. Have a great weekend! Following you now.

  6. I love this bag! My SIL made one and ever since I have wanted one... I even bought the material! Ahhh one day when time permits! Anywho Love your blog!
    I am visiting from New Friend Friday!

  7. love what you made! i think the burlap bag is adorable...but your jean one is just as cute...and probably will last longer!

  8. You did a great job!! I love the buttercup purse you made. The coordinating lining is perfect!!! I have this a one of the purses I want to make for myself. Maybe one of these days I will get around to making it! Thanks for sharing!


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