Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I can Sew???

I can sew??? No! Yes? Maybe...
So here is the story.
I got a sewing machine after I got married thinking I would be a domestic goddess. I would make curtains, baby clothes, my clothes and everything else made from fabric. Well, that didn't happen. I HATED to sew. My mom tried to teach me before I moved out but I just did not like it. So my machine stayed in its box most of the time. Occasionally it came out for the random straight line hem. I mostly blame it on the fact that I had no room for it. To use it had to clean off the kitchen table and get everything out. Then I had to put it all away before the end of the day.
So 11 years later I have a craft room with room for a sewing table. It's not pretty, but I have space. So now the machine is out and I decided to try to make some skirts for ME! I found this great site with a relatively easy step by step tutorial, Regarding Rosie.
And here is my first skirt. It was not supposed to be white on the bottom but I got the wrong size fabric so I had to make a few adjustments. I couldn't go to church in a 12in skirt! Indecent!
This is my third skirt, much better. I used a sheet I got from Savers for $5.
This white one I also made form a sheet. It need some work still... a little bit sheer :)
So there you go, I guess I can sew! My mother is laughing right now.
She new this day would come.

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