Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Fitted Skirt

Here is my first fitted skirt.
I put in a zipper! My first time! I didn't even mess up!
I will kind of tell you how I did it and the mistakes/changes I would make next time.
I don't shop in the junior section. I have three kids and all came out via c-section. So needless to say I have a gut. I purchased 1 1/2 yards jean material {it had a bit of spandex} matching thread and a matching 9in zipper. If you are skinny minnie then maybe you don't need as much fabric.
I made my own pattern by measuring around my waist and adding 2in for seam allowance/mistakes. I made my skirt flare a bit, but not much. You could do it any way you like.
The zipper wasn't really that hard! What was I so stressed about? I followed the tutorial at Sew Mamma Sew. After putting in the zipper I realize that I could have got a shorter one. Maybe a 7in. next time. I also sewed it in a bit low. I will have to get a little hook thingie to put above the zipper.

After cutting my pattern I followed the tutorial and put in the zipper. Then I sewed up the other side. I either really messed up my measurements or I can't count, but I had to take that side in almost 4 inches! It was okay though. All I had to do was sew a new seam and cut out the excess.

After I got it fitting well I started on the hem. I did a 1 inch double fold hem. I hated it! I looked bad. I really wanted to do an invisible hem but didn't know how. It is times like these where it pays to be obsessive compulsive. I got out my sewing machine manual {10 years old and 5 moves later} and found out how to do it with the machine foot I had. I really didn't want to go buy a special foot just to do this skirt. I practiced on a scrap fabric first and then jumped it. The pictures here show the before version. The after looked much smoother and more professional.
So here it is {BAD hem!} in all it's glory.
BTW, this is the most you will see of me.
Maybe next time I will do a REAL tutorial ;)

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