Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Magnetic Notes Stand

So today is really HOT! Like 110 degrees hot. The kids wanted to outside but it was just too much for them. My 6 year old asked his best friend over to play and they soon were tired of playing with toys. I decided to do a little craft project with everyone.
This is the project, washer necklaces. Each kid picked out what they wanted their necklace to say. The boys helped me hold the metal stamps and we hammered away at them. The little friend that came over was so cute. He asked if we could make one for his little sister at home. Of course! What a sweet boy!
This little friends mom is a friend of mine. She is super nice and lots of fun. I don't have very many friends {yes I know you are shocked} so I love to give them little crafts that I make. Lets face it, my house can only take so many crafts!

My sister picked up this metal stand thingie in Utah for me. I really didn't feel like I could use it for myself so I decided my friend would love it. {cross your fingers!}

So I started by printing out her last name on my Cricut in vinyl. I used my Sure Cuts Alot program to make it the right size. {I love this program. If you want to learn more about it go here}

I cut it out and pressed it down with my scrapbook scrapper.

Next I sanded my wood and started to paint. I decided to go with a classic black. I ran out of my clear gloss spray paint on my last project so I wasn't able to gloss it up.

Remind me to buy some next time I go to the store. ;)

I fit my vinyl on the front of the board.

Then pressed it on.

I needs something else... felt rose magnets! Of course!
I cut some white and black felt roses. See the tutorial here.

I took some old magnets and ripped the magnets out of the plastic. It took a little work, a hammer was used.

Then I hot glued them onto the backs of the roses.

Much better!

And here it is. A super easy and FAST craft. This took me less than an hour with drying time.
My friend appeared to love it. Smiles and hugs all around!


  1. What a beautiful gift! I love things that are simple and functional. As for lots of friends.. I think its more important to have a few really close ones! (that's all I have!)

  2. This is fantastic!!! THanks so much for sharing it

  3. It's like 110 everyday here too! We can never go outside! We got my daughter an electric ride in car for her birthday (6/4) which she has sadly only gotten to use twice!!! I'm following your from Trendy Treehouse! :)

  4. Following you from New Friend Friday. Please follow me back on Facebook or my blog! Links here:

  5. I love this! I want that program so bad. Do you really like it? Or are the pictures not that cute? I want it so bad. You should come over to link my party,


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