Monday, November 1, 2010

Felt Flower: The Danika

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One of my very favorite types of fabric is FELT.
It is cheap, soft, and super easy to work with.
You can sew it or glue it.
Lately I have been doing tons of flowers in felt.
I did a felt rose lamp.
A felt rose wreath.
A felt flower Fall wreath.
Felt flower jewelery/accessories.
Gosh...I must love felt?!
So I wanted to share some tutorials on how to make fun felt stuff. Mainly flowers, but maybe some other stuff too.

So this is a Week of Felt.
The Danika Flower

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  1. Love this! im obsessed with felt too! ;)

  2. So cute i love this. if you ever would like to be featured or would like to share a recipe or a find (re-do furniture) please come become a follower and email us...Great site


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