Friday, November 5, 2010

Yellow Infinity Scarf

I have been in a scarf craze for awhile. I have never really liked scarves in the past. They seemed to make me feel like I was being strangled! They also never stayed where they were supposed to! They always fell off my sholders.
Until the infinity/circle scarf came along. They have become really popular lately so I thought I would give them a chance.
I started by making one out of some left over fleece. Simple, no need to finish edges. I loved it!
So here is my next try.
Last spring break my family went to Disneyland. I purchased bright t-shirts for all of us to wear so that the kids (and me) could find us easily in a crowd.
These are the shirts. I got them at JoAnn's craft for super cheap. The problem was that they were never worn again by the adults. WAY to bright for a shirt....but for a scarf? Perfect!

I cut the bottom off of both shirts and created a really long piece of fabric about 24in wide. Then I cut smaller strips from the leftovers, about 2 in wide, and created another really long strip. I then ruffled it up and sewed it down the center of my larger strip.

With right sides together I sewed up the long side.

I folded it in on itself, right sides together, and sewed the short ends leaving an opening to turn it right side out. This website shows a good demo of this. I finished the hole and was done. The whole thing took me about 30 minutes.
I love it! Bright and cheerful!

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  1. i love this! yellow is such a happy color for the winter too! great job!

  2. What a great way to upcycle an old shirt. I may have to try this! Thanks for linking to Weekend Wander. Hope to see you again next week!


  3. I found you from Be Different Act Normal. This is so pretty! I like the ruffles.

  4. Scarves are my favorite thing about winter! I love the color and ruffles on yours.. what a great way to reuse a shirt. Thanks for linking up to my pink hippo party!

  5. How pretty and from an old shirt. It great and I love the color. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week.

  6. Chelsea - Love the yellow and adore the ruffles! Super cute! I featured this on the Sunday Showcase Round Up. Thanks so much for joining in the fun! Hope you are enjoying your week ~ Stephanie Lynn

  7. This is really a super idea. You never see scarves in this kind of a bright color. I can see making all kinds of them. The ruffle makes it look so professional and what a great way to reuse.

    I agree, I love having someone in bright colors at Disney. It helps in a crowd.


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