Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Activity Jar

Do your kids wine like mine do?


Well here is a small idea to give you SOME reprieve.

A Summer Activity Jar that your kids can reach into every day and find a wonderful surprise.

Start by planning out your summer. I printed out blank calendar months and filled in any summer plans; ie. swimming lessons, vacations and camps. Next I added all the other things that happen in town; ie. free movie festival and Home Depot/Lowe's kids clinics.

Then I made a list of other fun stuff we can do this summer. I made categories and color coded them. I had 5 categories.

1. Crafts

2. free stuff to do at home

3. free stuff to do outside of the home

4. stuff we have to pay for

5. food

I cut small pieces of paper and wrote on each piece what the activity was. The reason I color coded (besides being anal) was so that at the first of the week I could pick out one paper per color and put them in the jar. This way I know what we will be doing that week and I can plan in advance in case I need to get supplies.

Next I decorated my jar. I had this one in the cupboard. it had been used for several activities and worked perfect for this one. I could have used a clear pasta jar or pickle jar just as easily. I cut out some vinyl on my cricut and added some ribbon to brighten it up.

And here it is! The kids love it and it gives them something to look forward to every day. Here are some of things I have in the jar.

1. Make a volcano or other science experiment

2. Make giant bubble wands out of wire

3. Plant flowers in Tera cotta pots that kids have painted

4. Backyard camping

5. Sidewalk paint

6. Pudding painting, fun and edible!

7. Water balloon fight

8. Wash the cars

9. Go to the movies, FREE or payed

10. The dollar store – give the kids a few dollars and let them go nuts!

11. The drive in movies

12. Roller skating

13. Bowling – check for discount nights/family nights

14. Make cookies

15. Make cupcakes and decorate

16. Make homemade ice cream

17. Lowes/Home Depot kids workshop, most Saturdays (at home page enter in search “kids workshop”)

18. Library

19. YMCA/community pool

20. outdoor Hike

21. Pet store

22. the Lake

23. nature preserve

24. Kids Free Movies

25. Go out for ice cream

26. museum

27. Make an indoor fort

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