Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's in a Name?

I made this for my daughters room. We rent and aren't able to paint so i try to do as much wall hangings as I can.

I started with letters from Joann's. i got the wood kind because I wanted to paint them.

I also got some of the pre-painted little wood pieces to attach to each letter.

Using paint that I already had I gave each letter several coats of paint.

I used a sharpie to give the seam edge look to each letter. I had some glitter puff paint and I added dots as well.

I attached the pre-painted wood pieced using hot glue and also glued a ribbon to hang them with to the back of each letter.

I think they turned out super cute! They certainly add a special touch to her room.

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  1. Hello there~

    To help answer your questions... start by linking up to lots of craft parties. Then once you get maybe a 100 followers do a giveaway. Be a great commenter... and only comment to those who comment with you. Otherwise it gets way to hard. If someone leaves you a really nice comment, pay their blog a visit and leave them one back. Stay pretty current with your posts, at LEAST two craft post a week. This will drive more traffic for sure. Have a great night. P.S. love the DANIKA LETTERS... SUPER CUTE! Jenn


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