Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bubble Gum Machine

I saw this idea on another blog, but of course I did not save the address. So if this is your idea, than Thank You!

You will need:

-a terra cotta pot and plate thingie

-a wooden wheel. I got mine at Michaels for less than $1

-a knob or a knobish thing. I used a dolls head for less than $1

-glass jar/fish bowl


-glue E6000

Paint everything red. I used craft paint but you could use spray paint. When dry paint on your details. I added a coat of clear lacquer to give it a shine. When that was all dry i added my glue and let it set for 24 hours.

Ta-Da! So cute! You can use it for anything I want. I plan to use mine for a cookie jar. I love how it matches my Kitchen Aid cover behind it. Red is my kitchen color.


  1. ADORABLE... i so am going to feature this on my blog!!! DARLING IDEA! Jenn

  2. Blogged over from this idea, so cute! And my kitchen is red too...what a great match!

  3. this is a super neat idea! thanks for sharing :)

  4. Hey Chelsea~ I have a "I was featured" button on my blog, if you want that one instead!" it tells everyone that your fab. craft was featured. Have a fab. DAY! jENN


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