Friday, June 25, 2010

Dry Erase Family Calendar

I have wanted to have a "real" family calendar for awhile now and I decided to just DO IT!

I recently got a Cricut and decided to put it to the test. In retrospect I should have done some things differently, but oh well! Live and learn!

I started by finding a cheep frame. I got mine from Kirkland's Home. It was on sale already and I had a $5 off coupon also. So it ended up being only $6!

I took the back off and took the original picture out of the frame. Then I mapped out what I was going to do on paper. It was a good thing I did too! I made several mistakes before I got to the actual glass. When I had it figured out I drew my design onto the cardboard mat provided in the frame. This way all I had to do was follow the lines.

Finally I started cutting my vinyl. I cut them by hand (should have used the cricut!), and applying them.

This is what it looked like while in the process and when I was done. I am going to flip the glass around so that the vinyl is on the BACKSIDE of the glass. This way I can use a dry-erase marker on the front and not damage the vinyl. Next I cut out our family name, I made sure to do it in mirror image so that it is readable once I flip the glass.

Whalla! The lines aren't super straight and I would have done a few things differently if I could do it again (which I can thanks to the magic of vinyl!), but I like it. I chose a white background so as not to distract the eye.

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