Thursday, October 28, 2010

Microwave Pasta Boat Review

Do you love "As Seen On TV" stuff? I do!
This is one I have seen on TV for a little while. I looked kind of dumb.
But recently we have been having problems with our method of noodle cooking. It always boils over, I can never find the perfect size pot, and I am tired of standing over the stove top watching water boil.
So a few weeks ago I was at Walgreens and I saw the "Pasta Boat". It wasn't too expensive, $15 I think. I was looking for a new pot anyway so why not give it a try?
I started with a small portion just for myself. I had some leftover spaghetti sauce and it was a perfect opportunity.

Measure out your noodles according to the book. The handles on the side of the boat are pasta measures, and they are accurate in my opinion.

Add the amount of water required. I sprayed the noodles with some non stick spray. It helps the noodles not stick together.

Put it in the microwave and set it to the required minutes. Wait. Drain it with the handy boat lid. Whala! Perfect noodles. No over boiling. No mess to clean. No watching the pot.
I love it! I have used it several times on spaghetti noodles and Penna noodles. I want to try mac and cheese soon. It comes out hot so you can add cold sauce to the noodles and the sauce warms from the noodles.
I hope this helps. You should give it a try if your family is a pasta loving family like mine.
Bon apatite!

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  1. My first EVER infomercial order was the Pasta Boat! What a hassle being on the phone for over 20 mintues ordering it though. I would have LOVED to go to Walgreens and just picked it up!
    We have used it several times, we just have a hard time keeping up with the book that says how long to cook everything. I did steam carrots in it........yummy and perfect!

    ~ Just Jen

  2. Does it cook faster than boiling it on the stove?

  3. Nikole: It does not cook faster in the Pasta Boat. The main benifit of the boat is that you don't have to watch it and it leaves no mess. Thanks for asking!


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