Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Porch-Cricut Crop Friday!

This is porch. Nothing super exciting but cute I think.

We went to a local orchard and got pumpkins this year. I went a little overboard.

I was at Savers this past weekend and I found this cute little chair. It is solid wood and super sturdy. I think I may repaint it after the fall season, but orange is perfect for right now.
This is my window right next to the front door. This is the inside shot. I used black yarn and created a spider web. I just taped it on the inside of the window.

I cut some spiders out on my Cricut. I found it at The Free SVG Blog. Yep! It's Cricut Crop Friday!

Looks SCARY!

Better than nothin'!
My sisters made this for me. So cute! They are super creative and make all kinds of wood crafts. I am trying to get them to send me some pictures so i can post them for you guys. They are slow pokes!

Aren't these little guys so cute! I love that witch!

This little cat even has whiskers!

Here is the wreath I made last week.
I ended up wiring it to the screen door on the top and the bottom. It is very secure now. No banging in the night thank heavens!

The total effect...nice. Not AMAZING, but just right.

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  1. So cute! creativity must run in your family. And you can never go overboard with pumpkins!

  2. Really cute stuff! I love the sign!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites last week! Hope to see you again this week!

  3. soooooo cute! i love this! you did a great job!


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