Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crafts Kill!

Sorry for my absence.
I have been a bit incapacitated.
It all started when I decided to make myself a lightbox.
Easy enough. All I needed was a cardboard box, paper and white material.
I have all that stuff already so why not do it?!
I got my box and my brand new box cutter.
As I cut I reminded myself, "cut away from my body". Duh!
Then it happened...
I have posted a current picture.
Please be advised... it is yucky!
Almost cut my tendon. Very deep. Only about an inch long.
So....a message to all of you. Cut with caution.
Or as my husband said when he posted my wound on Facebook,
"Crafts Kill!"
Button NO Blink


  1. OH NO!!! They do!!! lol I actually remember my mom slicing her hand from wrist to tip of her index finger with a seam ripper!!! NOT a happy day!!! feel better!

  2. Oh no that's looks really sore, hope your feeling better soon.


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