Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's Do the Can-Can! Part 2

More cans!
These are special cans that I got online from Oriental Trading.
They are super cute and can be used for so many things!
I have used scrapbook papers, ribbon and stamps for these tins.
This rectangular can can be used as a recipe card tin, card holder tin, treat tin and so much more! I have on that I use as a card holder. I make lots of handmade cards for all occasions and I keep them in my tin for safekeeping. I can leave it on the counter so that I never forget to send a card.

This size tin is perfect for a snack holder or purse.

I made is super girly but you can make your any way you want.

This is a lunch style tin. It is tiny and perfect for a small gift or treasure.
Hope you enjoy. Be sure to check out "Let's Do the Can-Can! Part 1"

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