Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sheer Spring Scarf

Spring! Chelsea what are you thinking?!
I know many of you are still snowed in your homes back east, but here in Las Vegas it is starting to become Spring.
My fleece scarfs are just to warm some days and I needed something lighter.
So the other day I picked up some light weight, sheer fabric. I got 1 yard each of three colors. I have not yet done the third. It is going to be a bit more special. I'll show you when it is done.
I really liked this fabric because it has tans, blues and browns in it. Perfect to wear with jeans.

This one is a bit more fun. An animal print is browns, blacks and tans. Also good for jeans.

I sewed both in an infinity loop. I hate my scarfs slipping off my shoulders so this works perfect. They are long enough to just hang, be doubled up or wrapped around the neck.

I have never sewn with this type of fabric and was worried it would be hard. It worked out pretty well. I did a basic double fold hem on all the sides and sewed the ends together. I made sure to use a new needle and it worked out pretty well.
Now I am set for Spring!

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