Monday, February 28, 2011

Tax Return Grocery Shopping

Well. We got our tax return. We always get a very large tax return so I knew that when it did come that I wanted to go grocery shopping and FILL my storage area.

And I did.

Sorry for the bad pictures. The sun would not cooperate!

This is my trip to Walmart. I spent about $500 and I am so happy!
I also went to Sam's Club and spent about $200.

I planned this trip very well. I had a huge shopping list put together by isle. I had so much stuff that I had to take two trips into the store. I went through half the store and filled the cart to brimming, payed and filled the van. Then I went right back in and filled the cart again with the other half of the store.

I had planned in advance and taken one of the seats outs of the van. Good thing I did!

Not only did I get pantry items but I also got bath and freezer items. I have a small cube freezer in my garage and it is full of frozen meats and veggies.

I redid my entire storage area. It is in a strange sort of place. Under the stairs in the
Yes, the bathroom. You have to walk through the bathroom and open a door to under the stairs.
I has a built in shelf and I added a plastic shelf as well.
As I stood there SEVERAL hours later to admire my work, I was thinking how cool I was, and then it hit me.
I am not proud of myself, I am blessed.
Our Heavenly Father has given us this wonderful blessing.
I know that I can now feed my family for at least 6 months with very little trips to the store.
I am so blessed. I actually started to cry a bit.
I know my Heavenly Father has blessed my family and I am so grateful for this blessing.

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