Monday, January 17, 2011

CD Book

My daughter is three and has problems with her colors. She just can't seem to get them.
For Christmas my sister in-law gave us a CD book about church leaders. I loved it! It was so cute and so fun to look at.
So I decided to make one for my daughter to help her learn her colors.
Her favorite thing is Disney Princesses, so that was my theme.
First I went to Google Images and did a search for "Disney princess coloring pages". Millions of images were there for the picking. I picked my favorites, printed them out to the correct size and started coloring.

I could have printed them in color but I decided to color them myself.

Each princess was given a color.
Jasmine- black
Cinderella- white
Fawn- orange
Tiana- green
Snow White- yellow
Rapunzel- purple
Belle- brown
Silver Mist-blue
I cut two paper circles for each princess color and put one circle on each side of the CD. Then I cut my coloring page out and put that on one side. So each CD has the princess on one side and her color on the other.

I used Mod Podge to adhere the paper. I made sure to give both sides a good over coat.

I know it looks homemade, but that was the idea. I think it turned out great and my daughter really likes it.

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