Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mean People at Christmas?!

I got my first mean comment today.
A week before Christmas!
The nerve!
I know that sometimes I have typos and sometimes I use words incorrectly. That is life. I like to try to type like I talk, and sometimes that is not correct.
So I received a comment about how I misspelled a word. It was the "voila". I spelled it "whala".
At the time I knew it was wrong. Spell check couldn't help me and I was lazy and didn't pull up the dictionary. I let it slide.
This person felt that they needed to post a comment about it.
My mother is allowed to tell me those type of things, not some random "Anonymous".
Well, this is what I think...
Whop de do!
Bone Apatete!
Ta Da!
And every other word I can possibly misspell and use incorrectly.

Merry Christmas!


  1. At least it wasn't someone saying something mean about a tribute to your dead mother. That is what happened to me once. Pretty sure I know who it was even though they did it anonymously.

  2. May they get cool in their stocking!

  3. Awe, it's Christmas, so let it roll off your shoulder. That person would have ah heck ofah time correcting my blog....LOL!!!!!
    Be Merry my friend and God bless yah.

  4. You go girl!!! That's got to be the only definition of someone that has nothing better to do. Mean-ness, there's no excuse or no reason for it. As your other commenters said, "let it slide" and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  5. I think we all make mistakes at some time or annuder! Funny what you'd probly find if you speel chked their blog!! By the way, I loved the "cool in the stocking" comment. Funny stuff. Sorry they did that to you.

  6. Lame-o! Why do people do that? I can't believe how insensitive people can be on the internet. I've had my parents correct me on things on my blog and even that drives me bonkers!

  7. Chelsea, your blog is awsum- just like ewe! AND (because you never begin a sentance with that wurd) I love the way you have reakted to it! Isn't it fun to just poke fun at areselves just to let others no that we KNOW we aren't perfect!? (like they assuredly are!) I'm sad for this person... obviously they need more love in their life, so let's just embrace our imperfections and also give this person a hug.

  8. Seriously?! Sheesh! What a Negative-Nelly! Wow! That is really nit picky! Don't you love how they use Anonymous as a weapon?! Sorry that happened! Blog on with your usual crafty fun self and take pride in your work!

  9. Oh my life - take no notice - ther's always one .......i love "whala" and I shall now be using it on my blog!!!

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    XoXo Andrea

  11. *Gasp* *SHOCK* You spelled 'Ta Da' correctly! How DARE you?!?!?! :D


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